2018 All-Canadian Red & Whites

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We salute the Red & White Holsteins who competed in Canadian shows last year with the announcement in this issue of the winners in the 2018 All-Canadian Red & White Holstein contest. This is the 12th consecutive year that the Holstein Journal has sponsored and conducted this Red & White competition.

The Holstein Journal received 32 entries for the Red & White contest in 2018, with five of those animals entered in both the Red & White and Holstein All-Canadian competitions. Those entries represented exhibitors from three Canadian provinces, eight states of the United States, and three other foreign countries. Our biggest class this time was the Heifer Calves (summer, junior, intermediate and senior calves) which drew 12 entries. Following closely behind with 11 entries was the Junior Cows (milking yearling, junior and senior 2-year-olds, and junior and senior 3-year-olds). There were six entries in the Senior Cows (4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, mature cows and longtime production). The smallest class was the Yearling Heifers (summer, junior and intermediate yearlings) which drew just three entries.

The All-Canadian Selection Committee was only unanimous in its choice of the All-Canadian winner in the small class of Yearling Heifers. The most hotly contested class was the Junior Cows where seven different cows shared in the votes and the eventual Honourable Mention winner had just a one-point edge over two other cows. There was a close battle in the Heifer Calves as well, with just a two-point spread between the Reserve and Honourable Mention.

Three animals who earned nominations in the 2018 All-Canadian “Holstein” contest also figured among the list of All-Canadian Red & White winners. Oakfield A Shampage-Red-ET, who was Reserve All-Canadian junior 3-year-old in the Holstein contest, added another accolade to her resumé when she was named Reserve All-Canadian Red & White Junior Cow for 2018. Fraeland Swiss Avalanche Red, who was nominated for All-Canadian Holstein senior calf, is now All-Canadian Red & White Heifer Calf, while Ms Luncrest Ali-1949-Red-ET, who was nominated for intermediate calf in the Holstein contest, took Reserve All-Canadian Red & White honours in the Heifer Calves.

The “Apple” influence was clearly evident in the 2018 contest with 10 out of 12 of the animals earning an All-Canadian, Reserve or Honourable Mention award having a connection to the famed KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET (Ex-96-4E-USA-DOM-23*) and her family. Most had a link from the sire side of their pedigree, while the Reserve All-Canadian Heifer Calf traces to the Apple family on both sides of her pedigree. Others had an even closer tie with the All-Canadian Senior Cow, Ms Apples Aleda-Red-ET, being a daughter of Apple herself, and the Honourable Mention Junior Cow, Westcoast Defiant Addison, being from a clone of Apple.

The leading exhibitor of All-Canadian Red & Whites in 2018 is the Kooyman family of Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, B.C. This is the first time they have won this designation. Westcoast claimed the All-Canadian award in the Senior Cows and the Reserve in the Junior Cows. They were also a partner in the Honourable Mention Junior Cow. This caps off a successful show season for Westcoast who was Premier Exhibitor at the International Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo and runner-up for Premier Exhibitor at the National Red & White Show at the Royal Winter Fair in 2018.

Seven different bulls sired a top three finisher in the 2018 Red & White contest. Far out in front as the leading sire of All-Canadian Red & Whites is Dymentholm Mr Apples Avalanche. He sired the All-Canadian Yearling Heifer and then made a clean sweep of the awards in the Heifer Calves by siring the All-Canadian, Reserve and Honourable Mention animals. Runner-up for leading sire is Apples Absolute-Red-ET who sired one All-Canadian and one Reserve. “Absolute-Red” was the top sire of All-Canadian Red & Whites in 2017 and 2016.

To be eligible for an entry in the All-Canadian Red & White contest, an animal must have competed in a Holstein Canada recognized Red & White Show and/or Holstein Show during the latest show season. There is no nomination process in the All-Canadian Red & White contest. Only those exhibitors who have an animal chosen as All-Canadian, Reserve or Honourable Mention are required to pay an entry fee. That entry fee can be applied as a credit towards an advertisement in this issue.

The Holstein Journal sent pages of pictures and show placings of all the Red & White entrants to nine judges in early January. Those nine judges comprised the 2018 All-Canadian Red & White Selection Committee and their votes ultimately determined the winners. Serving on this committee were: Jamie Black, Brushton, N.Y.; Tyler Doiron, Cap-Sante, Que.; Rolland Dubois, Saint-Flavien, Que.; Steve Fraser, Fergus, Ont.; Joël Lepage, Amqui, Que.; Jack Lomeo Jr., Sylvan Beach, N.Y.; Orville Schmidt, Leduc County, Alta.; Jeff Stephens, Troy, Ont.; and Blair Weeks, Pleasant Valley, P.E.I.

These judges, by means of a ballot vote, indicated their choice for first, second and third place in each class. No judge was permitted to vote in a class in which an animal he bred or owned was entered. With the exception of Judge Steve Fraser, who was not eligible to vote in the Junior Cows and Heifer Calves, and Judge Rolland Dubois, who could not vote in the Senior Cows, all other judges cast ballots in every class. A first place vote was worth 7 points, a second 3 points, and a third 1 point. The animal with the highest point total is declared All-Canadian, second highest is Reserve, and third highest is Honourable Mention. A breakdown of the vote for the top three finishing animals in each class appears on this page. Other animals who received votes, but did not finish in the top three, do not appear on this list. This will explain the variation in number of ballots seen in each class.

A big “Thank You” to the exhibitors who supported the Holstein Journal’s All-Canadian Red & White contest in 2018. Congratulations to all of the winners!