“Delta” Remains Number One LPI and Pro$ Bull in December

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The latest round of genetic evaluations was released by Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) on December 4th. Retaining his hold on the number one position for both Lifetime Performance Index (LPI) and Pro$ in December is Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET. This “Mogul” son, marketed in Canada by STgenetics Canada, heads the list with a +3344 GLPI and +2748 Pro$ which is based on +1878 milk, +112 fat, +69 protein on 72 daughters and +11 conformation.

Velthuis SGC Atmost, an “Atwood” son from Broeks Betty (VG-88-2y-NLD-6*), remains the leader for conformation in Canada, but shares that title this round with newly proven Bovo Bomba, a “Doorman” son from Super Bomba (VG-85-Italy). Both bulls are owned by Semex and boast a +16 conformation.

The top ten GLPI bulls are:

1) Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET +3344 GLPI

2) Glen-D-Haven AltaHotrod +3301 GLPI

3) EDG Rubicon-ET +3255 GLPI

4) Synergy AltaParquet-ET +3232 GLPI

5) Comestar Lautrust +3224 GLPI

6) Gillette Byroad +3201 GLPI

7) Mapel Wood Brewmaster +3196 GLPI

8) Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRoble-ET +3192 GLPI

9) Co-op Renegade-ET +3189 GLPI

10) Regel AltaToprock +3183 GLPI

The top five Pro$ bulls are:

1) Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET $2748

2) Glen-D-Haven AltaHotrod $2703

3) Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET $2585

4) Mr Coin Draco 15006-ET $2558

5) Boldi Accurate $2556

The Stantons prefix of Stantons Bros. Limited, Ilderton, Ont., appears as the breeder and owner again of six of the top ten GLPI cows in December. Placing one-two on the cow list for a second straight round for the Stanton family is a pair of “Delta” daughters. At number one is Stantons Does Appear-ET with a +3489 GLPI, with Stantons Bee Desired-ET at number 2 with a +3463 GLPI. Bee Desired remains the breed’s number one Pro$ cow at $3078.

For more details on the December 2018 proofs go to Canadian Dairy Network’s web site at www.cdn.ca.