New Canadian Champions for Production

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Holstein Canada, Brantford, Ont., announced on January 23rd six new Canadian Champion records for production for 2017. Canadian Champions are awarded to Holstein cows (75% pure or higher) that surpass the previous all-time highest performance for milk, fat, protein, or total BCA in their age at calving category. If more than one animal in a given year exceeds the previous highest level, only the top individual will be recognized as a new Canadian Champion.

To see a current list of the all-time highest production Canadian Champion cows, visit Holstein Canada’s web site,, under Awards and Shows, Cow Award Lists.

New Canadian Champion as a Yearling for Milk, Protein and Total Performance:

1-10 years, 305d: 21,581 milk, 3.4%, 729 fat, 3.3% 707 protein (589-536-599) kg
Total BCA 1724
Breeders: Seavalley Holsteins, Campbellford, Ont., and Signature Holsteins, Morrisburg, Ont.
Owners: Seavalley Holsteins, Campbellford, Ont., Brownsonlea Farm, Marmora, Ont., and Courtney Ray, Corbyville, Ont.

New Canadian Champion as a 3-Year-Old for Protein:
3-03 years, 305d: 21,315 milk, 5.1%, 1090 fat, 4.1%, 879 protein (476-657-610) kg
Total BCA 1743
Breeders: Antony Boutin, Saint-George-de-Beauce, Que., and Marie-Christine Leclerc, Sainte-Claire, Que.
Owners: Ferme Maryclerc Inc., Sainte-Claire, Que., and Guillaume and Etienne Lessard, Saint-Honore-de-Shenley, Que.

New Canadian Champion as a 5-Year-Old for Fat and Total Performance:

5-11 years, 305d: 20,887 milk, 6.3%, 1315 fat, 3.4%, 712 protein (420-711-451) kg
Total BCA 1582
Breeder and Owner: Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc & Fils Inc., Saint-Basile, Que.

Look for more details on these new Canadian Champions in the Holstein Journal’s “Production Issue” in April 2018.