International Holstein Show – Highlights at 2017 World Dairy Expo

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By Holstein Journal Staff

The International Holstein Show at this year’s World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, attracted 459 head of North America’s finest Holsteins when it was held on October 6th and 7th. Lining up the deep quality classes was Judge Adam Liddle, Argyle, N.Y., with assistance from Associate Judge Carl Phoenix, Sunderland, Ont.

Clinching grand champion and senior champion honours of the show was Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn, the Canadian bred “Goldwyn” daughter who was first mature cow for Budjon Farms, Peter & Lyn Vail, Tim & Sharyn Abbott, Hank & Carolyn Van Exel and Clark & Lois Woodmansee, Lomira, Wis. Blexy was later crowned Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo in the show’s closing ceremonies. Tagged as reserve senior champion and reserve grand champion was the first 4-year-old, Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270-ET, the “Dempsey” daughter who is owned by Ransom Rail Holsteins, Perry, N.Y., & MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna, Wis. MilkSource Genetics claimed the honourable mention senior champion and honourable mention grand champion designation on their winning 5-year-old, TK-Plain-View Ripley, who is also sired by “Dempsey”.

The Jacobs family of Ferme Jacobs, Cap-Sante, Que., swept both Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor banners at the show and also took first place in the Senior Best Three Females class. Anchoring their Best Three group was the first senior 3-year-old and the show’s intermediate champion, Jacobs Windbrook Aimo, who is sired by “Windbrook”. The reserve intermediate champion rosette went to Ms Goldwyn Saturday-ET, a “Goldwyn” daughter from Ferme Jacobs, Ferme Intense, Saint-Brigitte-des-Saults, Que. and William Morille, La Chapelle Basse Mer, France,who had been first senior 2-year-old. Cited as honourable mention intermediate champion was Trefle Chassep Doorman-ET, a Canadian bred “Doorman” daughter from MilkSource Genetics who had won the junior 3-year-old class.

The junior champion rosette went to Rosedale Catch A Glimpse-ET, a “Doorman” daughter who had finished first in the winter yearlings for Clarkvalley Holsteins, Woodville, Ont., and Mt. Elgin Dairy, Guelph, Ont. The reserve junior championship was won by a “Golden Dreams” daughter, Milksource Gldndrm Asset-ET, who had been first fall heifer calf in a class of 52 head for Blair & Jaime Weeks, Pleasant Valley, P.E.I., Rocky Allen, Carbargo, New South Wales, Australia, Parrabel Genetics, North Geelong, Australia, and Hi-Calibre Holsteins Burntcoat, N.S. Designated as honourable mention junior champion was Campbell-Run Gchip Amelia, a “Gold Chip” daughter who had been first spring yearling for Blair & Jaime Weeks and partners Frank A. & Diane Borba, Matt & Sarah Hawbacker, Chris & Jennifer Hill, and Parrabel Genetics.

Ferme Petitclerc & Fils, Saint-Basile, Que., won both the Junior Premier Breeder and Junior Premier Exhibitor banners and finished first in the Junior Best Three Females class. Included in their Junior Best Three Females entry were two class winners – Petitclerc Solomon Annice, a “Solomon” daughter who had been first spring calf for Petitclercs, and Petitclerc Atwood Spoutnik, an “Atwood” who had taken first place in the summer yearlings for the partnership of Bilz, Schachelmayers, Chambers, Bufton & Blue, Dorchester, Wis.

Braedale Goldwyn was named overall Premier Sire of the show, while Val-Bisson Doorman was Premier Sire of the heifer show. Wisconsin won the State Herd class.

Canadian bred/owned cattle figured in a number of other class wins at the show:

* Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, B.C., took home the first prize rosette in the 50-head winter calf class with newly acquired “Avalanche” daughter, Smith-Oak Avlnch Rosette.

* The winning fall yearling heifer was Aleah Millen Naughty Surprise, a “Goldwyn” daughter exhibited by Aleah Farms, Beaverton, Ont., Millen Farms, Omemee, Ont., and Matt & Tyler Yates, Beaverton, Ont.

* R-M Atwood Brenda, an “Atwood” daughter who had been acquired at the show by Clarkvalley Holsteins and partners Eaton Holsteins, Mariette, N.Y., and Dalton J. Faris, East Gwillimbury, Ont., was first junior 2-year-old.

* The Canadian bred “Goldwyn” daughter, Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal-ETS, was first 150,000-lb. production cow for Budjon Farms and Peter & Lyn Vail.

A number of other awards were presented during the show. Gord Rendle and Ridley Wikkerink of Stanhope-Wedgwood, Victoria and Cobble Hill, B.C., won the A.C. “Whitie” Thomson Memorial Award; Paul Petriffer of Italy was awarded the Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award; Harry Papageorge of Ogden, Utah, won this year’s Klussendorf Award; and Wendon Holsteins, Innisfail, Alta., were presented with the Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award.

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