CanWest DHI to Assist Producers with Traceability

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CanWest DHI, Guelph, Ont., announced on September 5th the release of their newly upgraded herd management recording tools which have been enhanced to assist dairy producers with the new proAction Traceability program requirements.

DairyComp, DHI’s popular herd management software, is now updated to meet all the necessary requirements of Traceability. It provides the easiest and most efficient way for producers to be compliant with program requirements. For paper-based systems, the DHI Logbook has been modified to provide on farm Traceability record keeping.

According to Richard Cantin, Manager of Marketing and Product Development, “Record keeping and information management is already a big part of what we do, so it made sense for us to go the next step, develop our tools further and help out our customers. In particular, we’re really excited about how DairyComp can make all of it quite easy. We think current and new customers alike will appreciate the convenience it offers”.

DHI is well-prepared and ready to assist producers with any questions they have about transitioning to or using these herd management tools to meet Traceability requirements. While Traceability does mean a bit more record keeping for dairy farms, Cantin states, “We’re there to make it as easy as possible. We’re happy to help and be part of the solution”.

CanWest DHI is a milk recording organization providing profitable herd management solutions to dairy producers in Ontario and Western Canada.