New Leaders for Canada’s LPI and Pro$ Bull Lists in August

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Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) released the latest round of genetic evaluations on August 8th with new leaders for both LPI (Lifetime Performance Index) and Pro$ emerging on the proven bull list.

Moving up to take number one on the LPI bull list is Gen-I-Beq Aikman (VG-SP), the previously proven “Snowman” son at Select Sires GenerVations from the Apple family. He comes in at +3263 GLPI which is combined with +1535 milk, +114 fat, +80 protein on 318 daughters and a +7 conformation. He is number 26 for Pro$ with his figure of $2247.

The Pro$ list is headed by Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET at $2614. A previously proven “Freddie” son out of Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET, he is also the number one bull for milk at +3321.

Croteau Lesperron Unix hangs tough as Canada’s number one bull for conformation picking up a point to land at +18 type in August. This “Numero Uno” son from the Raven family is at Semex.

The top ten GLPI bulls are:
1) Gen-I-Beq Aikman +3263 GLPI
2) Larcrest Commander-ET +3248 GLPI
2) Comestar Lautrust +3248 GLPI
4) Mapel Wood Brewmaster +3198 GLPI
5) Silverridge Album +3167 GLPI
6) De-Su MG Davinci 11288-ET +3152 GLPI
7) De-Su 11228 Topsy-ET +3140 GLPI
8) Alta Echelon +3139 GLPI
9) Gregori One Direction +3138 GLPI
10) De-Su MGL Greenway 11396-ET +3129 GLPI

The top five Pro$ bulls are:
1) Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET $2614
2) Bacon-Hill Montross-ET $2546
3) Silverridge Album $2433
4) Larcrest Commander-ET $2402
5) Mr OCD Epic Dragonheart-ET $2389

Two newly indexed cows head Canada’s GLPI Cow List in August. The new number one GLPI and Pro$ cow is Ri-Val-Re Camaro Nady-ET, a “Camaro” daughter who comes in at +3420 GLPI and 2838 Pro$. At number two on the GLPI list with a +3382 GLPI is Sunnypoint 2026 Lady C, a daughter of the newly proven Larcrest Commander-ET.

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